Why the fight against IPTV is lost


Despite the measures taken by intellectual property protection organizations, IPTVs continue to flourish. A battle lost in advance?

How to stop IPTV concretely? Blocking your domain name seems the easiest solution. A raw solution, which requires the collaboration of the internet service provider. But thanks to the methods that allow you to change your IP address, this solution is already obsolete, because a simple VPN can bypass the block.

Physically stopping admins, the solution?

Cameron Andrews, director of the anti-piracy legal department of the beIN group, spoke about this in the pages of So Foot. ” We will be condemned to wage a permanent fight against these pirates, until there are significant changes in the law. If we can get big and quick cuts in pirate IPTV streams during games, then we can really hurt their business. “

Frédéric Delacroix, general delegate of ALPA, is much less optimistic: “We are not naive, there is always a way to get around this blockage, whatever measures we take, but it is not necessarily accessible to everyone. The goal is first of all to make people who subscribe to these services understand that it is an illegal practice. Another solution, even more brutal, exists. It is for the police to physically arrest the administrators, but they are not easy to find behind their screens. Especially since other alternatives to IPTV, just as illegal, exist.

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