With his extra pounds, Nasri takes a lot on the web


Two years after his last match played, Samir Nasri appeared with a chubby physique at the Velodrome. The mockery has flared on social networks.

A charity match was organized on Wednesday at the Vélodrome, entitled “the Heroes Match”. To help the children of the Ivory Coast, Didier Drogba brought together several former legends of OM as well as many French personalities for a part in his former Olympian stronghold. Samir Nasri was part of the party, but he might have done better not to go.

Nasri slaughtered on social networks

The former France international appeared in matchwear for the first time since announcing the end of his playing career. And the conclusion to be drawn is that he let himself go a little on the physical level. The “Little Prince” was at least fifteen pounds overweight compared to his healthy weight. A round silhouette that surprised all viewers and inevitably earned him a lot of mockery on social networks. Here is a little anthology.

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