World Cup 2022: Revelations on the tensions between Courtois and De Bruyne


This World Cup seems to mark the end of an era for the Belgians. Indeed, the Red Devils were eliminated in the group stage and his aging generation does not seem to have a replacement. In addition, the locker room would be plagued by many conflicts, especially between Courtois and De Bruyne.

Third in the world Cup 2018, the Belgium took the door from the group stages this winter. Its golden generation is running out of steam and the Red Devils do not really have a replacement while the locker room would be divided into several clans.

The strained Courtois-De Bruyne relationship

As L’Equipe, Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne would no longer speak to each other. If the French sports daily did not specify the reason for the conflict, it is probably since the porter had an affair with the former companion of the attacking midfielder. A well-known extra-sporting affair.

new revelations

If both Belgians are certainly not friends, the relationship would not be so strained as that according to the latest information from The Athletic. Indeed, the British media took stock of these tensions between Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne. And now today, things would go a little better between the two teammates at the Red Devils. Here he is now on good terms as they were able to show on the sidelines of the ceremony of the Ballon d’Or a few weeks ago.

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