Zidane on the PSG bench, unexpected validation


Announced with insistence on the side of Paris Saint-Germain, Zinedine Zidane finds quite unexpected support from a former Marseille.

Rumors announcing Zinedine Zidane at Paris Saint-Germain keep coming back and these echoes have aroused the interest of another Marseillais, Samir Nasri. The latest coaching dismissal is that of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer across the Channel and the least we can say is that this departure seems to have repercussions on the club in the French capital.

Various sources would report a potential departure of Mauricio Pochettino the current coach of PSG to Manchester United, to compensate for the absence of the Norwegian technician, which would leave a vacant place on the Parisian bench that Zidane could take over. An announcement that many supporters of Olympique de Marseille would not see very favorably given the links between the city of Marseille and the ’98 world champion from the districts of Castellane.

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Not shocked that Zizou is coaching PSG

In an interview with Canal +, Samir Nasri, also from the city, expressed contrarian remarks, even showing his wish to see the French technician train the club of the capital and why not influence the desires of Kylian Mbappé. ” I would like to see Zidane at PSG and Pochettino at Manchester United. I didn’t necessarily appreciate the interview Pochettino gave saying that it’s not his project, that he has to do with it. We get Zidane back in the French championship. He is from Marseille, but he did not play for OM. A career as a player is not the same as that of a coach. I wouldn’t blame him. “

“It wouldn’t surprise me and I wouldn’t be shocked that Zizou coached PSG. (…) When we have coached Real, we don’t necessarily find better than City or PSG. (…) He managed to prove that he knew how to take care of and manage the egos of great players. (…) When a guy like Zidane tells Neymar or Mbappé to do this or that, they’ll be more attentive than if it’s another coach. And, in addition, it can also trigger a mechanism that could allow Mbappé to extend next season ”.

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